Actros construction vehicles

Comfort – more comfort and more fun at work

The Actros offers many features as standard which you would normally only expect to find as options – like the ergonomic air-sprung driver's suspension seat, whose exceptional comfort makes all the difference on the construction site. Even more comfort is provided by the optional air-conditioned suspension seat for driver and co-driver with multi-stage ventilation, which dissipates unwanted seat warmth and eliminates moisture. The heating and ventilation system also comes equipped as standard with special construction site filters.

A further highlight is the multifunction steering wheel, which can be pneumatically adjusted at the push of a button. The steering wheel buttons not only operate the radio with Bluetooth hands-free system, CD player and telephone, they can also call up operating and service information via the driver information service. In this way your hands always stay where they should be: on the steering wheel. And to make sure you always have a complete overview, new lettering, colours and optimised scaling ensure optimum display clarity for the instrument cluster (which has been refined with chrome rings).

The optional truck navigation from Mercedes-Benz takes account of such conditions as the maximum headroom under underpasses and weight limits, which can influence the transport of machines and materials.

Further convenience is provided by the door switch panel and the Telligent® gearshift, which is integrated in the armrest of the driver's suspension seat and offers extra-comfortable shifting.

The 12-speed Mercedes PowerShift offroad automated transmission is available as an option for enhanced ride comfort and economy. Thanks to its optimised shift strategy, smooth gear changes and short gearshift force interruptions it is easy on the drive system and brings noticeably more dynamism in difficult terrain. Optimum handling is ensured by additional programs and functions. Four reverse gears, two of which are high-ratio, are advantageous for driving long stretches in reverse, and for access in places with insufficient space to turn round.

Also important for a pleasant working environment, in addition to the features already mentioned, is a spacious interior. Plenty of room to move about and plenty of practical shelves and stowage compartments are standard in every cab. To meet individual requirements, a variety of optional features are available – like a comfortable bed, a centre seat or an air conditioning system.
And anybody who feels more comfortable inside can still shine outwards, for example with the new backlit Mercedes-Benz star which is integrated in the front-end flap.