Actros construction vehicles

Safety – ready for anything

The safety of the Actros is based not just on successful performance in crash tests and the Swedish test but also on a whole range of features designed with your protection in mind. Inside the cab, for example, we have ensured that non-splintering, flame-resistant materials are used throughout, and all edges are smooth and rounded. And to keep things safe and secure if ever you're away from the vehicle, the Actros can also be fitted with an optional anti-theft alarm system. Another safety-related feature is the hill holder*, which makes light work of hill starts.

The Actros complies with this fundamental safety principle in many different ways. The standard-fitted clear-lens headlamps are not only handsome, they also provide excellent visibility in the dark. Xenon or bi-xenon headlamps and a headlamp wash/wipe system are optionally available. Good rearward visibility is provided by large mirrors including manual heated rear-view mirrors. These mirrors have a special curvature which reduces the blind spot.

The infinitely adjustable roller sunblind* on the driver’s side helps block sunlight coming in through the side. If it suddenly starts to rain, the rain and light sensor
automatically activates the wipers in five individually adjustable stages when it rains, and switches on the headlamps when darkness begins to fall.

The Actros radiator and engine can be equipped with a 3 mm thick stainless steel protective plate**. The main fuel tank can also be ordered with a steel protective plate.
Optional steel protective grilles can protect headlamps and tail lights. Air deflectors on the A-pillar, chequered exterior mirror covers and corner panelling reduce dirt build-up on the side windows.

On tippers, concrete mixers and all-wheel-drive vehicles, the flexible lower step is secured to the truck by rubber elements. If this step is struck by a boulder, or contacts the ground it recoils not only in a longitudinal but also in a transversal direction.

The Telligent® brake system, standard on the Actros, has advantages in all types of terrain. On construction sites the loads to which the brakes are exposed, and the most desirable brake force distribution, vary greatly depending on the current load status of the vehicle. The Telligent® brake system therefore takes the load status into account when calculating the required brake pressure at each individual wheel and so prevents overbraking and wheel lock. The brake pressure is distributed in such a way as to ensure even brake lining wear on the different axles, so that all brake linings can be replaced at the same time.


* standard in conjunction with the Telligent® brake system

** Standard equipment with tippers