Axor in construction-site transport

Get more back on what you invest

In the construction business the Axor 18 - 32t trucks convince with their economical, long-life, powerful 6-cylinder BlueTec® engines, with power reserves that enable them to master their tasks with effortless superiority and meet the Euro 5 emissions standard. For anyone who wants to meet a more environmentally friendly guideline than Euro 5, the Axor* can already optionally be delivered in a vehicle variant which meets the strict EEV** emissions standard.

For construction site work, there is one 6 litre engine and one 7 litre engine available, covering the power output range from 175 kW to 240 kW. And specifically for use as a concrete mixer or tipper in 8 x 4 and 6 x 4 configurations, there are the enormously powerful variants of the 12 litre engine with up to 315 kW.

All the engines develop maximum power on uphill gradients and good acceleration values, even when fully loaded, since maximum torque is available already from low engine speeds.

For each operating situation, the Telligent® engine system calculates the most favourable injection timing, duration and quantity for each cylinder. For low fuel consumption, low-emission combustion and effortlessly superior power delivery.


* Axor with 210 kW and 240 kW

** Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle