Axor in construction-site transport

Safety – even guardian angels need a little help

It's all a question of detail. Wind deflectors on the A-pillars and corner panelling help to prevent dirt build-up on the side windows. Clear-glass headlamps ensure excellent visibility in the dark. Depending on the vehicle variant, xenon or bi-xenon headlamps and a headlamp cleaning system are optionally available. And the Axor’s large exterior mirrors ensure excellent rear visibility. Plus the front mirror affords a view of the area directly in front of the cab from the comfort of the driver's seat. The exterior mirrors are equipped with electric heaters, which can be activated manually. They prevent misting up, icing over and the burning-in of dirt particles.

The Telligent® brake system that can be ordered as an option for the Axor shows that it is worth its salt on the construction site in particular. According to the vehicle load, it calculates the optimum braking pressure at each individual wheel. This prevents overbraking and thus wheel-block. And in all applications the brake pad wear equalisation function pays, because it distributes the braking force in such a manner that the brake pads wear at an equal rate on each axle so that they can be changed at the same time. In addition, except in an emergency stop, every time the service brake is applied, a portion of the braking effect is automatically drawn from the wear-free engine brake and retarder*. In this way, brake pad wear is kept to a minimum and the brake pads last longer.


* available as an option