Atego in short-radius distribution

Effective power transmission – the Atego transmission systems

Transmissions for demanding conditions

Our transmissions are designed to transfer the engine power to the road with minimum friction loss and, if possible, without interruption of the power flow. Furthermore, they are fine-tuned to the engine output and the transport task in hand. There are three different 6-speed transmissions available, all with the option of the Telligent® automated gearshift. But even without automatic transmission gear changes are made in exact shift throws with excellent shifting comfort thanks to a single-plate dry clutch with hydraulic support. A 9-speed direct-drive transmission* (with eight gears plus one crawler gear) is also available. It allows easier gear changes and, thanks to its crawler gear and reverse gear ratios, permits precise manoeuvring at low vehicle speeds. It also offers benefits when it comes to servicing: the maintenance-free hydraulic oil lasts the life of the truck.

* installed as standard in conjunction with 188 kW or 210 kW