Axor in heavy-duty short-radius distribution

Safety – take the safe option

There is no such thing as too much safety. The Axor adheres to this. Consider, for example, its stable, quiet performance – even in hectic city traffic. Available as an option for Axor models developing 265 kW and above, Telligent® stability control* detects potential instabilities, such as skidding or swerving, and counteracts these where physically possible. Telligent® roll control– available as an option for dropsiders with full air suspension – adapts the shock absorber characteristics in line with the current driving situation, thus providing enhanced safety and comfort as well a smoother ride for the freight. And so you never lose sight of what’s happening on the road, the cabs feature large windscreens and side windows – taking the stress out of manoeuvring the Axor. Heated exterior mirrors, wide-angle mirrors fitted to the bottom of the exterior mirrors, and powerful clear-glass headlamps ensure optimum visibility all round. The heated front mirror increases the driver’s field of vision, affording an excellent view of the area directly in front of the cab without having to move from the comfortable seating position. The use of convex mirrors help to reduce the size of the blind spot. Lying at the heart of the Axor safety concept, however, is the high-performance brake system. The Telligent® brake system – available as an option for the Axor – transmits braking commands electronically rather than mechanically, thus considerably reducing the braking time and saving vital milliseconds.

A further safety measure that every truck driver has to observe at all times is keeping a safe distance from the vehicle travelling in front. The (optional) Telligent® proximity control** system eases the strain on the driver by automatically ensuring that the road speed and the distance between the Axor and the vehicle in front are adapted to the changing traffic conditions. And the optionally available Telligent® Lane Assistant** alerts the driver of an unintended lane departure by emitting an audible warning before it occurs. Axor cabs also comply with the latest safety standards, having passed the customary crash tests with flying colours. Airbags are optionally available. The large non-slip steps and wide-opening doors are designed specifically for jobs in which the driver has to get in and out of the cab frequently, such as short-radius distribution operations.


** for semitrailer tractors only

** available for Axor models from 265 kW