Econic in short-radius distribution

City logistics and gas drive? Nothing could be easier with the Econic

Driving ahead where others cannot follow. It's no problem with the Econic semi-trailer tractor with gas-powered engine for city logistics, factory use and short-radius distribution. The minimum exhaust gas and particulate emissions and the reduced noise emissions allow for applications at night or in the early hours of the morning. This is required for example for internal deliveries within the food industry or for factory use in three-shift operation. Whether the matter involves driving bans, congestion charges or environmental zones – in terms of engines and active environmental protection the Econic is far ahead in future developments in environmental developments.

Advantages at a glance

  • Certified acc. to EEV emissions standard
  • Effective prevention of particulate emissions
  • CO2-neutral in biogas operation
  • Substantially reduced fuel costs
  • 50% lower noise emissions
  • Unrestricted driving in environmental and prohibited zones
  • Reduced or zero costs for congestion charges, TollCollect toll payments etc.
  • High image factor


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