Actros long-distance haulage vehicles

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Megaspace cab

Large, powerful and self-assured – that’s the impression created by the Megaspace cab. Expectations are quickly confirmed by a glance inside. With so much room to move around, this spacious living and working environment is ideal for long journeys and international long-distance haulage. It is fitted as standard with an air-sprung comfort suspension seat, a manually controlled air-conditioning system and, in the lower sleeping area, a luxury bed featuring a slatted frame with elastic support at pressure points and adjustable headboard. The optional upper luxury bed also features a slatted frame which has elastic support at pressure points and can be precisely adjusted by up to 10° in the direction of travel to compensate for an uneven floor. From the level floor throughout the cab to the electric tilting roof, this cab has virtually everything you could think of to keep the driver happy. This includes the standard-specification towel holder and shaving mirror. The generous and versatile shelf and stowage facilities are designed with long journeys in mind. They include four illuminated stowage compartments, two of which are accessed from outside the vehicle and two from both inside and out. An infinitely adjustable roller sunblind on the driver’s side protects against heat build-up and the sun’s glare. This is also available as an option for the co-driver’s side. And if things get too warm, the optional refrigerator provides the necessary refreshments. Beverages and food can be placed conveniently on the optional folding table on the driver’s side. The optional radios with integrated BlueTooth hands-free function provide the entertainment. In addition to the radio and CD player, which play all popular music formats, they offer interfaces for connecting MP3 players, CD changers and a TV.