Axor in medium-distance distribution

Comfort – work in comfort, arrive relaxed

On long journeys, comfort is especially important. Drivers must feel relaxed in order to be able to concentrate on the job in hand. Standard equipment for the Axor therefore includes an air-sprung suspension seat with a wealth of adjustment options for finding the ideal sitting position. For even more comfort, a comfort air-sprung suspension seat can be ordered as an option for the driver and co-driver. The ultimate in seating comfort is provided by the optionally available air-conditioned suspension seat, which dissipates unwanted seat warmth without unpleasant draughts in the kidney or lower back area. Ergonomically arranged controls and anti-glare instrument clusters round off the comfort-enhancing features that come into play during working hours. On the driver’s side protection from the glaring sunlight is provided courtesy of the continuously variable roller sunblind*. For relaxing rest and recuperation on long trips, the Axor L-cabs contain proper beds, offering all the comfort the name implies. The standard, comfortable lower bed features a single-section sprung mattress. For the L-cab with raised roof, a luxury upper bunk is available as an option, provided with a high-quality foam-rubber mattress and a supporting flexible slatted frame which can be adjusted to the user’s weight thanks to sliding support elements.


* Also available as an option for the co-driver's side