More Actros. More economy

Cost-efficiency, reliability and economy included as standard

With the standard-specification Mercedes PowerShift 2 automated gearshift and the reliable and economical BlueTec® engines, the Actros continues on its economical path.

  • optimum engine control with the standard-specification Telligent® engine management system
  • the standard-specification Telligent® maintenance system allows service intervals of up to 120,000 km and oil change intervals of up to 150,000 km
  • economical, high-torque engines from 235 kW (320 hp) to 440 kW (598 hp) with max. torque of 1650 Nm to 2800 Nm at 1080 rpm
  • cost-effective compliance with Euro 5 standard thanks to BlueTEC®, the future-proof SCR diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz; the optional biodiesel package with combination tank allows you to use environmentally friendly biodiesel
  • Economy Packs are an option for reducing ongoing costs. The packs available are the Basic Economy Pack (for Actros semitrailer tractors comprising: aerodynamic side panels, automatic circuit breaker, adjustable air deflectors, low-maintenance, manual-lubrication or compact fifth-wheel coupling, as well as a compatible mounting plate, communication interface and FleetBoard pre-fittings; for Actros dropsiders comprising: additional air tank, extremely light aluminium compressed-air tank, automatic circuit breaker, adjustable air deflectors, communication interface and FleetBoard pre-fittings); Classic (contains all elements of the Basic Economy Pack plus a Voith retarder); Top (contains all the elements of the applicable Economy Pack Classic plus a FleetBoard vehicle computer) and Plus (for Actros semitrailer tractors: contains all elements of the Economy Pack Top plus polished aluminium rims and aerodynamic A-pillar trim)
  • the Actros is also equipped with fuel-saving assemblies such as controlled single-cylinder air compressors and a two-stage water pump*
  • effortless gear changes with the standard-fit Telligent® gearshift, Mercedes PowerShift offroad for Actros construction vehicles
  • the enhanced Mercedes PowerShift 2 automated gearshift (included as standard with road vehicles) delivers optimised shifting comfort, rapid gear changes and lower fuel consumption
  • application-based powertrain configurations with 16-speed transmissions
  • different axles and final-drive ratios for different route profiles
  • robust frame, ideal for mounting bodies
  • innovative integral rear** creates space for installing additional tanks or auxiliary units
  • innovative two and four-bellows air suspension for higher payload and safe body roll characteristics
  • Steel, steel/air and full air suspension
  • Sophisticated aerodynamics


* only with 320 kW (435 hp) in conjunction with the L-cab and Megaspace cab

** standard for 6x2 semitrailer tractors and 4x2 semitrailer tractors in conjunction with Megaspace-cab, optional for 4x2 semitrailer tractors