Meeting generous space requirements – the L-cab

The L-cab is geared to national long-distance haulage and for applications in which a generous amount of space is required. Standard features include a suspension seat, a manually controlled air conditioning system and, in the lower sleeping area, a luxury bed featuring a slatted frame with elastic support at pressure points and adjustable headboard. The optional upper luxury bed also features a slatted frame which has elastic support at pressure points and can be infinitely adjusted by up to 10° in the direction of travel to compensate for an uneven floor. Large shelves and numerous stowage compartments provide a place for all those items you want to have to hand en route. They include two illuminated stowage compartments accessible from both inside and outside the vehicle. The standard-specification towel holder and the shaving mirror in the L-cab with high roof are other useful additions for long journeys.

Cab dimensions

Exterior length [m] 2.28
Exterior width [m] 2.50
Interior height [m] 1.92
Interior width [m] 2.26