L-cab with ‘Single Cab’ package

Maximum comfort for drivers operating alone – the L-cab single cab

As an option the L-cab is available with the ‘Single Cab’ package. This equipment variant is particularly suitable for lone drivers in the national and international long-distance haulage sector. The core element of the package is the comfortable armchair, positioned against the rear wall in place of the co-driver’s seat. This ensures exceptional freedom of movement on the co-driver’s side. The impressive seat comfort, the cushioned side wall area with integral reading light and the generous amount of legroom and space to unwind make breaks, waiting time and relaxing after finishing work for the day even more enjoyable. There are also numerous shelves and stowage facilities, including two illuminated stowage compartments which can be accessed from outside the vehicle.

Cab dimensions

Exterior length [m] 2.28
Exterior width [m] 2.50
Interior height [m] 1.92
Interior width [m] 2.26