The chassis team

More attachment options – the integral rear section

More attachment options with the integral rear section

The brief was to create more flexibility for the attachment of fuel tanks or other auxiliary components, and it has produced impressive results. On Actros semitrailer tractors with air suspension this concept offers an almost completely free area on the left-hand side of the vehicle behind the cab for attaching additional components. This has been achieved by integrating the batteries and compressed air reservoirs into the area between the rear axle and the end cross member. Plus, the compressed air drier, 4-circuit safety valve and trailer control valve have been repositioned on the inside of the frame. The extra space which this has created can be used to accommodate an extra fuel tank, for example. A fuel tank capacity of up to 1430 litres is possible for air-sprung 2-axle semitrailer tractors. Attaching hydraulic pumps or compressors is also considerably easier. As you can see, the integral rear** not only offers plenty of installation space but significant advantages too.


* in conjunction with a wheelbase of 3900 mm

** standard for 6x2 semitrailer tractors and 4x2 semitrailer tractors in conjunction with Megaspace-cab, optional for 4x2 semitrailer tractors