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Robust, flexible and practical – the Actros suspension.

Robust, flexible and practical. The Actros suspension

With its three suspension variants, steel/steel, steel/air or air/air, the Actros meets every requirement you could make of a contemporary vehicle: high roll-resistance and ride stability, outstanding roadholding, discernible suspension comfort and maximum traction.

The air suspension on the Actros features air spring bellows which are positioned at the lateral extremes to reduce roll – and improve stability. The air suspension is combined as standard with Telligent® level control, which is characterised in particular by its impressive raising heights. This is particularly beneficial, for example when it comes to demountable platforms with differing ground clearances. Telligent® roll control is available as an option for chassis with full or partial air suspension, offering automatic shock absorber control for even more comfort, safety and protection of the load in transit.

The steel-sprung Actros variants feature parabolic springs with no-maintenance rubber molecular bearings. These are quieter than conventional trapezoidal springs and up to 40 per cent lighter. All vehicles are also fitted as standard with shock absorbers aligned with gross vehicle weight as well as front and rear-axle stabilisers. High-load stabilisers are available as an option. The leaf suspension is protected against corrosion by a zinc dust coating, which makes a key contribution to extending the service life of the whole suspension system.