The chassis team

Professional suspension all round. The two and four-bellows air suspensions

2-bellows air suspension

In addition to the stabiliser link, which cuts the weight of each air-sprung rear axle by a good 90 kg, the 4x2 and 6x2 semitrailer tractors/dropsider chassis offer a further weight-reducing feature: two-bellows air suspension. In addition to reducing the weight by approx. 30 kg and lowering the frame by 30 mm, this suspension concept also has a range of other benefits to offer. The fact that rear air-spring bellows are not required allows the shock absorbers to be positioned directly behind the axle, which brings considerable advantages in terms of handling and body roll. In addition, the advantageous positioning of the spring bellows allows significantly increased raise heights and prevents the axle from distorting and affecting the angle of the cardan shaft. The lower number of bellows also means that replacing the bellows is relatively quick, saving you money in the event of a repair.

4-bellows air suspension

Vehicles with more than one driven axle are equipped with the reliable four-bellows air suspension. A full air suspension is also available for dropsiders.