The chassis team

Effortless, precision steering

Steers like a car

Thanks to the direct steering system working in the Actros with partial and full air suspension vehicles feels particularly easy.

All two-axle and three-axle Actros trucks are fitted as standard with hydraulic LS8 single-circuit power steering, while all four-axle models feature a dual-circuit system. In both cases steering gear with different ratios allows powerful steering angles to be achieved with minimal force – for effortless precision manoeuvring. Weight-reduced forged and cast parts ensure tremendous steering reliability. And the oil level of the steering gear and the hydraulic system are constantly monitored by the Telligent® maintenance system – for enhanced safety.

All in all, the Actros steering requires minimal effort on the part of the driver. It delivers outstanding roadholding, precise response, optimum handling and, last but not least, reliable, durable construction. Roadholding has also been further improved in the Actros.