The chassis team

Saves valuable centimetres – the Telligent® brake system

Outstanding technology. The Telligent® brake system

The electronically controlled Telligent® brake system with ABS and ASR, a standard feature of every Actros model, relays braking commands at lightning speed. And Brake Assist recognises how intensely you want to brake by the speed at which the brake pedal is pressed. That saves precious centimetres. Two and three-axle tippers are fitted with disc brakes – for optimum metering of brake power and better resistance to fading. Four-axle tippers and all-wheel-drive vehicles are fitted with drum brakes.

Greater comfort, lower costs

Brake pad wear equalisation ensures that the pads on each axle wear at the same pace. In addition – except in the event of emergency braking – the engine brake or retarder are always included in the braking process. The advantage: the brake pads last longer. At the same time the hill holder makes the driver’s life easier by preventing the vehicle from rolling forwards or backward unintentionally, making light work of hill starts.

Active Brake Assist

In critical situations this assistance system can help reduce the risk of colliding with the vehicle in front and mitigate the consequences of an accident.