Weight-optimised and powerful – the HL 6 hypoid rear axle with single-stage reduction

It’s all about the right axle

Whatever your load, the Actros’s range of axles includes the optimum solution:

The HL6 single-reduction hypoid rear axle is fitted as standard on vehicles up to 480 hp. Its weight-optimised design contributes to lower fuel consumption. If an appropriate final-drive ratio is specified, the vehicles can be fitted with direct-drive transmission. The single-reduction, fuel-saving HL 8 hypoid axle* caters for output ratings from 510 hp to 598 hp. Also still available as an option is the proven HL 7 planetary axle, whose high ground clearance and robust design makes it particularly suitable for construction vehicles. All axles boast an extremely robust and reliable construction, and are designed for an axle load rating of up to 13 t (optionally 16 t). The standard-fit differential lock and ASR ensure maximum traction, even under difficult conditions.

Also equipped for every task: the Actros’s durable front axles. Because of their cranked design, these axles offer a maximum body height for long-distance haulage. In construction operations, on the other hand, front axles with a straight design offer maximum ground clearance. All front axles are fitted as standard with stabilisers and shock absorbers and available with a load rating of up to 9 t.


* Not for low-frame vehicles or Lowliners