Mercedes-Benz Telligent® technology

Effortless gear changes – the Telligent® gearshift

Telligent® gearshift

The Telligent® gearshift, standard in Actros construction vehicles, meets all the requirements placed on today’s gearshift systems. The ergonomic positioning of the shift lever on a fold-up console on the driver’s seat allows effortless gear changes in any situation. This relieves the stress on drivers and enables them to concentrate on what’s happening on the road. To change up or down a gear, all the driver has to do is nudge the lever forwards or backwards, then press the clutch pedal. The gear which has been selected and – after pressing the clutch – engaged is then displayed in the instrument cluster. And the rocker switch allows the driver to split the gears, for example to shift just half a gear up or down. For even more in the way of shifting comfort, the optional Mercedes PowerShift offroad can be specified.