Mercedes-Benz Telligent® technology

Saves valuable time – the Telligent® maintenance system

Telligent® maintenance system

The Telligent® maintenance system makes individual service intervals possible by taking its cue from the actual wear and tear on the vehicle. This involves registering every single cold start, for example. The condition of the engine oil, all of the major assembly oils and the coolant are constantly monitored. Displays show when the air or fuel filters need to be changed and indicate brake pad wear.

As a result, all service products can work to full efficiency. Servicing can also be scheduled in advance and, for example, combined with statutory checks to avoid additional downtime.

The Telligent® maintenance system stores information about faults but only alerts drivers if they need to take action. Less serious or temporary faults will be rectified during the next scheduled visit to the workshop.

Up to now, it has been a driver’s dream to just check that no lights are flashing and get under way, but this maintenance system makes it a reality. In other words, all the daily checks - with the exception of regular tyre pressure checks - can be carried out from the comfort of the driver’s seat. And that saves valuable time every morning.