Mercedes-Benz Telligent® technology

Rapid braking – the Telligent® brake system

Telligent® brake system

The standard-specification Telligent® brake system comprises a dual-circuit brake system, internally ventilated disc brakes all round, ABS, ASR and auxiliary brakes such as the engine brake or retarder. The system relays each brake signal at lightning speed – much quicker than any mechanical system could. It also allows brake power to be metered as sensitively as in a passenger car.

The braking force is optimally distributed between tractor vehicle and trailer or semitrailer according to the load. The Telligent® brake system also ensures that the brake pads on the different axles do not wear at significantly different rates.

Brake Assist instantly recognises a critical situation by the speed with which the driver steps on the brake and acts at lightning speed, activating the full force of the brakes.

The integral retarder function ensures that when the service brake is applied, the engine brake (constantly-open throttle and brake valve) and, where fitted, the retarder are automatically activated.