Meeting the highest standards

The highest quality for the highest demands: that's what Atego stands for. In many ways:

The Atego sets high environmental standards by falling well below current particulate emission limit values, it sets standards concerning particulate matter, CO2 and NOx emissions and has no trouble qualifying for the green fine particle badge.

The Atego offers a wide range of safety systems, such as for instance the Brake Assist system, the integrated Hillholder of the optional Telligent® brake system, and the new, further-developed disc brakes, which are not only safer, but also significantly more robust.

In offering such quality, the Atego makes a key contribution to the driver's workplace comfort. Highlights include seating comfort, ergonomic layout of controls, clarity of the displays with on-board check system, large stowage compartments, excellent heating system and other equipment features.

At the same time, the Atego's high quality extends to, among other things, the engine, the ease of gearshifting and its handling characteristics, thus having a positive influence on the low lifecycle costs.