The chassis

Robust, durable and ideal for mounting bodies – the frame

The ideal frame. Robust and with holes

The Atego frame was specially designed with the demands of short-radius distribution in mind. A special feature is its two-piece design. The front section comprises two downward-sloping longitudinal members with Z-profile, which enables the front part to be lowered. This gives the Atego up to 10.5 t and the 12 t LF* Atego a low, single-step cab entrance. The Z-profile also allows more room for attaching assemblies. It goes without saying that the frame is also extremely strong: no frame reinforcements or subframes are required for the addition of a tail lift (with a load-bearing capacity of up to 1.5 t).

This frame offers optimum protection against rust: holes. Together with cathodic dip priming, they protect against corrosion to the Atego frame. Thanks to the 50 mm hole pattern, no further drilling is necessary when mounting any attachments and other units, such as tanks, exhaust systems and batteries. Bodies can therefore be pre-assembled and fitted in next to no time. This reduces downtime at the bodybuilder and ensures that the frame's corrosion protection is not damaged. These are the factors that maximise a truck's service life.


*LF = low frame