Mercedes-Benz Telligent® technology

Saves valuable centimetres – the Telligent® brake system

Telligent® brake system

The optional Telligent® brake system shortens the stopping distance considerably. Since the brake commands are sent in the form of electronic signals, the full braking power is available almost immediately. By simply measuring the speed with which the brake pedal is depressed, Brake Assist can detect a hazardous situation and applies the maximum braking force instantly.

The integrated brake wear equalisation function distributes the braking force to each wheel to prevent uneven brake wear. This also makes economic sense since the brake pads are all changed at the same time resulting in less downtime.

The integral hill holder prevents the Atego from rolling forwards or backwards unintentionally since damage to the body panels or the load can be both expensive and infuriating. The Telligent® brake system even makes pulling away easier as ASR (available as an option) prevents wheel spin.