The base of the body

The robust chassis

More effective braking

The brake system and the Telligent® brake system

The Axor is fitted with an extremely powerful brake system as standard. The compressed-air system, including internally ventilated discs and ABS, maintains a continuously high brake pressure of 10 bar, which is on tap at all times. This translates into quick brake response times and consistently high rates of deceleration, even when the brakes are subjected to heavy usage and applied several times in succession. ABS harnesses the braking power to full effect, preventing the wheels from locking and keeping the Axor steerable, even during an emergency stop.

The optional Telligent® brake system shortens the stopping distance by a considerable margin by relaying braking commands electronically and therefore far more quickly than would ever be possible using mechanical means. The integral Brake Assist system is able to recognise a hazardous situation merely from the speed with which you step on the brake pedal. It then maximises brake power in an instant, saving vital centimetres.