Mercedes-Benz Telligent® technology

Effortless gear changes – the Telligent® gearshift

Telligent® gearshift and Telligent® automated gearshift

The Telligent® gearshift is available as an option for Axor models from 210 kW (286 hp) in conjunction with 16-speed direct-drive transmission. It fits the bill for enhanced gearshifting in every respect: if you want to shift up or down, simply nudge the shift lever forwards or backwards. The Telligent® gearshift then instantly computes the optimum gear in terms of torque level, engine speed and fuel consumption.

The pre-selected gear is flashed up in the display. If the driver is satisfied with the selection, it is simply a question of depressing the clutch pedal. Nevertheless, the driver always has the final say. If a different gear seems a better choice than the suggested one, e.g. when negotiating hills or descents or on a winding section of road, the gear selection can be changed manually. The rocker switch control makes for convenient gear splitting, which is handy when drivers only want to shift up or down by a single gear ratio. Furthermore, the Telligent® gearshift eliminates the possibility of over-revving or gearshift errors.

Another option for the 175-kW (238-hp) Axor is the Telligent® automated gearshift, which lessens the driver’s workload yet still lets the driver have the final say. On the one hand, gear changes are made without the driver having to operate the clutch, taking the hard work out of hill starts, manoeuvring in tight spaces and reversing. On the other hand, the driver is still free to take control of gear selection at any time. Precise shifting is not just kind to the transmission; it is by no means unheard of for drivers to cut their fuel consumption courtesy of the Telligent® automated gearshift.