Mercedes-Benz Telligent® technology

Smaller turning circle and enhanced steering comfort – the Telligent® trailing axle

Telligent® trailing axle

The Telligent® trailing axle, which is available as an option for Axor trucks up to 240 kW (326 hp), tightens the turning circle by up to 2 metres. Also in its favour are its improved steering comfort and manoeuvrability. To summarise the technology behind the axle: a steering-angle sensor positioned in the vicinity of the front axle registers the angle that the front wheels are turned to. An electronically controlled multi-axle steering unit then transfers the same turning angle to the Telligent® trailing axle's wheels.

At speeds in excess of 45 km/h, the trailing axle is no longer steered; instead it is automatically centred and locked into position using a hydraulic mechanism. One of the trailing axle's other in-built features, its ability to be raised and lowered, comes into play on longer journeys, when it can save fuel and reduce tyre wear if the vehicle is unladen or only partially laden, for example.