Mercedes-Benz Telligent® technology

Saves valuable time – the Telligent® maintenance system

Telligent® maintenance system

Service intervals for long-distance-haulage applications are set at 100,000 kilometres. The Telligent® maintenance system (fitted as standard on Axor models up to 240 kW (326 hp), optional for other models) opens up the possibility of individual service intervals of as much as 120,000 kilometres by taking the actual wear and consumption as its guideline.

This includes recording all cold starts, for example. The condition of the engine oil together with all major assembly oils is also checked constantly, as is the coolant level. The system indicates when the air filter or fuel filter need to be replaced and displays the degree of brake-pad wear.

As a result, all service products can work to full efficiency. Servicing can also be scheduled in advance and, for example, combined with statutory checks to avoid additional downtime.

Any faults are stored by the Telligent® maintenance system. It only notifies the driver, however, if action needs to be taken. Data on minor faults or temporary malfunctions will be exported during the next routine visit to the workshop. This minimises time-consuming troubleshooting – often the most costly part of the repair process.

This maintenance system makes things as simple as possible for the driver. In simple terms, if no flashing lights appear, the driver has the all-clear to set off. Or put another way, apart from checking the tyres, the entire daily vehicle inspection can be conducted from the comfort of the driver's seat – something which saves precious time, each and every morning.