Paintwork and upholstery. For every taste. And every need

Standard paintwork

arctic white

calcite yellow

hibiscus red

velvet red

aqua green

steel blue

vanda blue

Metallic paint finishes (optional)

brilliant silver metallic (optional)

amber red metallic (optional)

jasper blue metallic (optional)

graphite grey metallic (optional)

Carbon black metallic (optional)


"Lima" fabric upholstery, black
This hardwearing, dirt-repellent, flame-retardant seat cover is the standard upholstery.
Its air permeability makes the cover particularly comfortable and improves the seat climate

Leatherette upholstery
Particularly easy to care for, this black leatherette upholstery is available as optional equipment for the Sprinter crewbus.

[1] Metallic paint finishes are available optionally

Sprinter crewbus

Product information

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