Economy. An enterprising partner

At the end of the day, an example to all

Economy is the cornerstone of your success as an entrepreneur – and one of the virtues upon which the Sprinter's success is based.
That’s why our engineers have been especially diligent wherever your money and expenses are at stake, without neglecting environmental protection, either. See for yourself!

  • Diesel particulate filter
  • Rub strips prevent minor damage
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • ECO-Start engine start/stop system [1]
  • optionally monovalent and bivalent natural gas drive system [2]

[1] Optional extra; not available in conjunction with petrol engine, NGT natural gas drive, automatic transmission and Start-off Assist (AAS).

[2] Available for the standard body length with various roof heights, with a permissible GVWs of 3.5 tonnes. The monovalent natural gas drive is due to be available from the 3rd quarter 2009.

Sprinter crewbus

Product information

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