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The Sprinter's many qualities are compelling both on the road and in the accounting books. With its state-of-the-art, dynamic engines and its intelligent design it is sure to carry your enterprise a bit further on the way to success - in every sense.

  • 4 CDI diesel engines (Euro 5, optionally also EEV) [1]
  • 2 petrol engines (EU 4 Gr. I)
  • bivalent natural gas drive system NGT (EU 4 Gr. I)
  • monovalent natural gas drive system NGT (EEV) [2]
  • 6-speed manual transmission[3]
  • 5-speed automatic transmission[4]
  • All-wheel drive[5]

[1] The new Sprinter diesel engines will for the moment only be available for vehicles with commercial vehicle registration in countries in which exhaust gas standard Euro 5 applies. For vehicles registered as passenger cars or compliant with EU 4 Gr. III, and for vehicles registered as trucks outside Europe, only the heretofore available diesel engines will continue to be offered. EEV certification is expected to be provided from the 3rd quarter 2009.

[2] Expected to be available from 3rd quarter 2009.

[3] Not available for V6 petrol engine

[4] Special equipment for V6 petrol engine vehicle; not available for vehicles with 5.0 t perm GVW and 70 kW diesel engine.

[5] Optional extra; please refer to the technical data for information on availability.

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