Atego in short-radius distribution

Cockpit variants – everything within easy reach

When you spend a lot of time on the road, you need an intelligently planned workplace. The Atego cockpit is available in a range of variants, such as the “Distribution” cockpit. When you have a lot of deliveries to make, you need a lot of stowage space for documents. With plenty of stowage options and ideal dimensions, the Atego ensures even more comfort at work. The new digital tachograph is accommodated above the windscreen. Alongside it are further stowage spaces – among other things for a radio (with the option of the BlueTooth hands-free system), Mercedes truck navigation system, FleetBoard® or a premium two-way CB radio, which can be factory-installed. The entire space is designed to ensure that everything is within easy reach of the driver. The ergonomic seats also help ensure that journeys don’t become an ordeal and the job doesn’t have an adverse effect on your health. The folding bunk, optionally available for the S-cab with extended rear wall, is just the right thing for a relaxing break in the day’s routine, thus aiding the driver’s physical condition and consequently, increasing driving safety.