Preventive protection in critical handling situations.

Intelligent early identification of an accident.

The PRE-SAFE® preventive occupant protection system can identify potentially critical driving situations at an early stage and initiate protective measures. The measures include reversible tensioning of the driver's and front passenger's seat belts, closing open windows and roof systems and – in conjunction with electric seat adjustment – positioning the front passenger seat in a better position to cope with an accident.

If the PRE-SAFE® system detects critical driving situations, it initiates precautionary passenger protection measures. Critical driving conditions include detected panic braking, in which the driver would like to slow down significantly more than is possible due to the road conditions – e.g. on an icy road surface. Critical steering movements at high speed can also trigger the protective mechanisms. Such steering movements can be locked upon the shock-reaction of the driver and can lead to an unstable driving condition.